Emma Disbergen

STU (2015) - an eating tool with the look and feel of being fast, composed and repulsive

STU is made from steatite and is created to be fast, composed and repulsive, not only based on its aesthetics but also on its functionality. I learned to step away from interpretations and look more abstract towards objects and environments. How are lines, materials and structures being perceived by human beings. With all of these thoughts my team and I created an eating tool with the look and feel of fast, composed and repulsive. The surface of the material is smooth (composed), the design has curves and symmetry (fast and composed). The purposely chosen steatite with a not attractive look, gave our design a repulsive appearance. Furthermore the eating tool triggered to eat fast with its double sided prick ability.

In collaboration with Laura Power

Met Nut (2015) - an interface that customises bags based on functionality

Let me first explain the product’s name, which is “Met Nut”, what roughly translated from Dutch means: with use. This links to the purpose of the project, which was was to customise bags based on functionality. Met Nut was established, because we were done with having only the possibility to customise the aesthetics from products than actually with use. That is why we built a platform where everybody can design their perfect bag (without having too many choices). Our products are made out of leftovers from the fashion industry and combined with our zero-waste patterns, we are reducing the waste on earth.
Visit today: http://coma.studio

In collaboration with Joca van der Horst and Carola Brus

Stress Awareness System (2015) - helps people recognising their personal stress moments

This intelligent product uses a learning algorithm to learn from its user input and uses this to adapt to the specific user. It is a stress awareness system, where the system would learn your personal stress level and predict the moments where you would be going to be stressed. In addition, the system would provide the user with personal tips to relax.

In collaboration with Marit Proper, Babette Lips and Anouk van der Lee

Graphic design (2014 - now) - creating visuals

Graphic design is an important tool in product design. With visuals you can say more than with words, keeping it simple and straightforward. During my time studying I have enjoyed the artistic graphic design side, making prints. And making conceptual models, customer journey maps, storyboard, etc. I mostly used my interest to develop simple quick prototypes, which you can see on the right, where I made a quick sketch of how one of my projects could work.


Adobe programs





Rhino and Grasshopper

Other skills

Exploratory sketching
3D fusion 360


An aesthetically minimalistic design approach; to make a change in the innovating world, putting designs functionality over their form. This along with a particular eye for what the user needs in their everyday life. The quickly evolving tech world is interchanging with our everyday lives, making society unaware of the side effects of the frequent use of technology. I want to create interactive designs that are carefully made for the user, and rethink the disgraces of certain materials decisions in garments or other forms. These products should not negatively affect them, but enhancing their interaction in their everyday life.

Being organised connects to my perfectionist nature. That makes me, as a designer, look critically at my designs and pay attention to the details in your work. “The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames.

As a designer you need to have an attitude. I have always found that the way you present yourself needs to reflect to the person you are. I like to express myself with my choice of clothing, reusing old and finding different purposes for garments. That is why I am deeply interested in the creation and craftsmanship of materials and their garments and the way it can be used or worn. Therefore, I believe in creating and repurposing materials, with the use of biology, chemistry or technology.


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I hope you enjoyed reading my portfolio. If you are interested in more information or you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: hello@emmadisbergen.nl

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